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Saraku Buyer

Searching nearby shops is a daunting process for many of us. However, our Saraku app provides the easiest way to find the nearby shops around us. Customers can check out the product, which are available in the nearby shop. Using our app provides immediate results when finding nearby shops forever.


Saraku Business

If you need an intelligent way to set up a successful business, the Saraku app will manage everything. Of course, Saraku app is a boon for many people who need a good investment. They can manage a business offline and online from us. Customers can undoubtedly enjoy track stock clearance and profit loss features. In Saraku app, users can securely control the customer's and dealers' accounts. Business owners reach their customers through our app with quality promotions and deals.

risingiceberg-software-company-Project Creative
risingiceberg-software-company-Project Creative

Show It!

What are you looking for? just ShowIt Yourself. Party mood -> RAINING colors



Don’t search for the coins to start the match or to make the decision. Use your Own 3D Animated coin for FREE. By using this app, you can create your own coin by selecting the pictures from Gallery or Camera and also you can set the text for both Head and Tail.

risingiceberg-software-company-Project Creative
risingiceberg-software-company-Project Creative


One Black Mark on your finger has all the capability to make the entire political ecosystem clean. Be proud to have this #OneBlackMark on your finger. Its an initiative to encourage people to vote 100%. All you need to do is download the app, click a selfie and share it with your friends. Its an unique app on creating awareness on Indian Elections.


Saraku Delivery

Its an app for the delivery boys of Saraku Team, In this app we will use Google Matrix API to show direction between shops and customer location. By using this app, the user from buyer app can track live location of the delivery boy who is picking up their orders.

risingiceberg-software-company-Project Creative

Let’s Develop Your New Product

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