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              showit app is currently available in  Android  and iOS versions.

What are you looking for? just ShowIt Yourself. Party mood -> RAINING colors

Create your own custom colorful signals
Show some texts & colors to others
Voice inputs, Change your voice commands to text and show it
User can categorise their signals like directories
User can share their signals via social apps also
User can create shortcut for all their signals, based on that user can show the signals without opening the app
User can also their own custom fonts from external or downloads,
Amazing settings are there to customise Shows
User friendly search feature there to search the saved signals
User can draw and paint, also easily showit to users with blinking light effect.
User can save and share their painted designs.
User can share like image & GIF to their social apps.
Creating and Sharing GIF Animations
Painting Application.
Party Application,
Emergency alert application.
Helpful for deaf & dumb users, Emergency signals & Party features are Amazing...

Traffic Signals available for Tress passers and it will be useful while crossing road.
Dealf and dumb peoples can show it their expressions and thoughts by this app.
Emergency lighting effect with playing siren sound will helpful for ladies at un time.

Party colourful lighting effect with playing music from your media player.